Myles Carter is a fervent community builder, organizer, activist, intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and change agent. Since 2019, he has served as a devout Erie County Correctional Facility chaplain. Myles is also a motivational speaker, notary public, and a loving father of five. Endorsed by Democratic Socialists of America, Myles is prepared to make a bold impact as Erie County’s first Black sheriff. 

Myles is equipped with more than a decade of comprehensive institutional leadership experience, topnotch creative problem solving skills, compassion, and desire for true systematic change. 

Buffalo Police Brutality Survivor
In June 2020, Myles took part in a peaceful Buffalo anti-police brutality demonstration. Unfortunately, the world watched in shock and horror as armored state and local police brutally assaulted him while he conducted an interview with a local TV news station. The graphic video has aggregated upwards of 10 million views. Myles was arrested and issued two baseless charges. Moreover, that incident served as the catalyst that intensified Myles’ already remarkable community advocacy and local systemic change efforts.

Community Advocate & Change Maker
Within the past year alone, Myles has led dozens of community rallies, think tanks, and workshops. He’s collaborated with numerous Western New York social justice and faith-based organizations, including Western New York Peace Center, SURJJ, BLRR, Free the People, Western New York Law Center, VOICE Buffalo, Coalition of Concerned Citizens, Buffalo Partnership for the Public Good, and many others. Long before running for Erie County Sheriff, his primary systemic reconstruction focuses have included ensuring proper allocation of community funding and resources, police reform legislation, a complete overhaul of Erie County Jail Management Division, et al.

Community Builder 
In 2017, Myles served as an integral part of the fundraising efforts to create a state of the art playground that he helped build in an underserved Buffalo community.

Intrapreneur & Entrepreneur 
From 2012 to 2018, Myles soared at a Buffalo-based, publicly-traded international tech firm Solidifi, the nation’s largest independent provider of residential real estate valuations. As Solidifi’s first hired employee, Myles worked his way up the ladder to become its youngest valuation director and aided the company in its acquisition of more than 200 employees. His senior leadership responsibilities included, training, supervising, conducting performance evaluations, and coaching well over 550 employees. Prior to exiting Solidifi, Myles established a successful home inspection business that he currently owns and operates. To date, he has diligently serviced 1000 Erie County home owners.

School Board President 
Passionate about quality education, from 2016 to 2020, Myles Carter served as the president of his children’s school board. He worked rigorously to help ensure the private academy maintained its prestigious Middle States accreditation, increased enrollment, and ensured an equitable pay system for its faculty and staff.  

Domestic Violence & Foster Care Survivor
Myles Carter recalls his own sense of hopelessness when he, his mother, and siblings were forced to live in multiple domestic violence shelters. At age 12, Myles and his six brothers and sisters were placed in Erie County Foster Care. They immediately faced the common appalling foster care systemic abuses often swept under the rug. Consequently, Myles emerged as a powerful and effective family advocate. Myles ultimately credits many of his bleak life experiences early on with shaping his keen understanding of systemic injustice and the development of his indomitable spirit. 

Myles attended Amherst High School where he became a member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). He earned a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation with Honors. For his demonstration of visionary leadership, he was also awarded a Presidential Scholarship for Academic Achievement that paid his way through Medaille College. 

Myles received a bachelor’s in business administration and management at Medaille.