“There’s a huge misconception that a law enforcement background is needed to become Erie County Sheriff. For decades, the law enforcement mindset has driven Erie County jails and communities into a state of despair. What’s needed for true progressive change is an outsider that is a humanitarian, visionary, and a caring leader.” – Myles Carter

Myles Carter for Erie County Sheriff

Ending Crime

Science has proven that crime is directly correlated to economics.  People will commit crime out of necessity.  Our platform targets the root cause of crime, poverty.

United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent 

The United Nations recognizes the injustices committed against people of African Descent.  We are not at the moment where we need to focus on the blame, but focus on the solutions.

End Mass Incarceration

Incarceration in Erie County is a $100m business.  We are massively overspending on incarcerating people from our community with no focus on reform or rehabilitation.  Our platform focuses on taking the steps necessary to ensure the convicted are no reoffending.

Police Brutality

Under Executive order 203 issued by Andrew Cuomo, we will work directly with the community to ensure that policing is reinvented to a representation of what the community needs.  Focus on building trust and partnership with the community.


Proactively engage youth through community building and education to educate on drugs, guns, violence, domestic violence and ensuring our youth are equipped with the knowledge necessary to make better decisions.

Community Building

Fund our communities to have safe roads and sidewalks, functioning parks, good schools and a fully functioning social safety net that ensures residents of Erie County are not left in a situation of necessity.

Ending Solitary Confinement

ACLU – “Long-term isolation costs too much, does nothing to rehabilitate prisoners, and exacerbates mental illness - or even causes it in prisoners who were healthy when they entered solitary.”

Erie County Democratic Debate: 
Myles Carter
Career Law Enforcement

Change Leadership.

Myles Carter Leads SUCCESSFUL Campaign TO BUILD MUCH NEEDED State of the art Community Playground in buffalo

Myles Carter Calls for ERIE COUNTY Sheriff Tim Howard's Resignation


 'Free Deyana Davis'  - A Short Documentary THAT CAPTURES myles' indomitable spirit AS HE LEADS A MOVEMENT DEDICATED TO achieving JUSTICE FOR a young incarcerated mother


Domestic Violence Shelter 

Myles helped establish a domestic violence shelter that is focused on providing transitional services to battered women and children.  The shelter is still fully functioning on the east side and providing services to women and children regularly.


Myles was integral in the fundraising and community build for the playground built for the school and community.  The park was designed and the community construction was lead by Parkitechs and is open to the community for daily use. 


Myles served as the president of the school board for a local private school.  He lead the school through accreditation, increased enrollment and ensured there was an equitable pay system in place for teachers and staff.

Publicly Traded Tech Company

Myles was engaged to build and grow the US operations of Canadian based tech company Solidifi, a Real Matters Company.  Myles helped to grow the new business to over 150 employees located in downtown Buffalo and is now publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Business Owner

Myles pursued his passion to become a licensed home inspector.  Today Myles is the owner and operator of All Eyes Property Inspection and uses his knowledge to assist people with their housing needs.


As a father of 5, Myles is actively involved in ensuring there is a safe and prosperous community available for his growing children.  Myles has advocated for police reforms with the Coalition of Concerned Citizens, fought alongside Cariol Horne for Cariol’s Law and continues to pursue justice for those who have been abused by the system.


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Myles Carter Announces Run for County Sheriff

WGRZ TV Channel 2 (Buffalo, NY): "...Community Activist Myles Carter. He was the man tackled by [local and state] police last June during an interview about protests on Bailey Avenue last June. Carter has no law enforcement experience but said in a news release, that he believes the way things are being done today are not working and that he believes that traditional law enforcement does not have the critical lens to make meaningful change."

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Myles Carter and the Moment That Became a Movement

BN Feature by Tim O'Shei: "Myles Carter stood in the middle of Bailey Avenue, a busy thoroughfare on Buffalo’s East Side. The cool June night was illuminated by street lanterns and police car lights. The sounds of footsteps and barks cut through the air. Carter held his hands up, looked toward a WIVB camera, and started to explain why he was out protesting that night. He didn’t get far..."

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George Floyd, Cariol Horne, and the Duty to Intervene Law

democracynow.org: "...[Cariol] Horne organized a campaign to pass Cariol’s Law” in Buffalo, New York. The law codifies the duty to intervene for police officers, whether on-or off-duty, when they see another officer using unreasonable force against a civilian. It also protects those officers who intervene from retaliation. As the protests sparked by George Floyd’s police killing swept the globe, the Buffalo City Council passed Cariol’s Law, and the mayor signed it into law. The Buffalo law also allowed officers who previously suffered retaliation to seek redress, which Cariol Horne did."

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